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 Some sellers may prefer to withhold their identity from appearing on their advertisements until contact is made by a potential buyer or trade under an already established and recognised User Name! If you would prefer this option then submit your "Alias/Trading Name" rather than your actual Name when registering, for example if you would like ABC Militaria to appear on your adverts, then submit this as your "Name" when registering. The User name you submit will be for log on purposes, the "Name" or "Alias" which you submit when registering will be the one that appears next to your Ads (this can be changed at a later date and you should contact us if you wish to amend any details previously submitted).


Make sure you give any buyer all the details you can about the item and supply all your details. People feel at ease with sellers who do not hide who they are and where they are from. However keep in mind security and never put your home address in full in the listing.

It is far better to give all the details of any damage or wear in the description, think of it this way. If you bought your item from its description and images would you be satisfied. Also think that people are often lazy and don't read the description so make sure the image shows the actual product you are selling, you can add several images free of charge, so make good use of them.

Good images are a must so take you time in making sure they are as good as you can get.

Make it easy for the buyer to buy your item by being up front on postage and condition.

Please do not state "no returns" in your listing! If the buyer is unhappy with their purchase, then please work together to arrive at a satisfactory outcome. Adverts which state no returns will be amended or removed if the seller is unhappy with this condition. You are more likely to attract buyers if you offer the option for returns, this may be at their expense however.


Reproduction Items.

There is a place for Reproductions and Copies, many a purist will say the Rubbish Bin, however for some the chance of ever owning the "Real Thing" may be out of reach or beyond budget. Reproduction items may be listed, however any attempt to intentionally pass them off as original could result in the advert being withdrawn and the seller blocked from using the site.


Some "Top Tips".

*Keep your heading short and don't try to cram too much detail into it, the search function takes key words from the listing itself and not just the heading.

*Make your description easy to read, try not to use all CAPITAL letters, as this is often regarded as the Internet equivalent of shouting and can be very off-putting to some buyers.

*The Militaria market is littered with reproduction items, fakes and copies, not everyone is an expert and if you are not 100% certain about your item's authenticity then say so. it is better to be upfront in your listing than to have to arrange a refund and the return of inaccurately listed item.


Militaria: Noun

Artifacts or replicas of military, police, etc., collected for their historical significance. Some time referred to as 'military antiquities' or 'military antiques'.

What is this web site all about

logo125This site comes from a simple idea that the major sites that allow you to sell your items seem to make charges that are simply over the top, on this site there will always be a free listing and you can renew it free as well, that's our policy and we will stick to it. There is a small charge if you want to put your advert on for a longer period, make it bolder or a priority listing, but that's up to you.  The site exists to give sellers a shop window and to link buyers to sellers.

We don't get involved in the sale itself, sellers and buyers can do the deal between themselves.

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Recent Classifieds

The Light Dragoons cap badge.
The Home Counties cap badge.
The Herefordshire Light Infantry cap badge.
10 x Editions of German WWII NSDAP Newspaper VOLKISCHER BEOBACHTER.
The Scots Guards NCOs cap badge.
The Foresters Brigade Officers cap badge.
The 14th/20th Kings Hussars arm badge.
The Hampshire&Isle of Wight Territorials cap badge.
The Honourable Artillery Company cap badge.
The Rifle Brigade Plastic cap badge.
Pocket with 20 news stamps from de I WW and Red Cross
The 7th Hussars cap badge.
The Tank Corp cap badge.
The Malborough College Officers Training Corp cap badge.
The Middlesex Regiment Plastic cap badge.
The 10th Royal Hussars cap badge.
The Home Counties cap badge.
The Royal Scots Guards NCOs cap badge.
The Essex Regiment Plastic cap badge.
The 10th Gurkha Rifles cap badge.
The Royal Marines cap badge/collar badges.
Royal navy buckle
The Rhodesian Light Infantry cap badge/collar badges.
The 7th Dragoon Guards collar badges.
The Highland Brigade cap badge.
The Wiltshire Regiment cap badge.
The Oxford University Officers Training Corp cap badge.
The Grenadier Guards Warrant Officers cap badge.
German WWII Fallschirmjager Knife
The Gibraltar Regiment cap badge.
The Foresters Brigade cap badge.
The West Surrey Regiment cap badge.
The 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment cap badge.
The Aryshire Yeomanry Earl of Carricks own cap badge.
The Royal Welsh Fusiliers cap badge.
The Essex Regiment Cyclist cap badge.
The Royal Munster Fusiliers cap badge.
The Canadian Officers Training Corp cap badge.
The Northumberland Fusiliers Tyneside Scottish Cap badge.
Polish Army Officers Bullion Cap badge.
The Royal Navy Chief Petty Officers cap badge.
The Royal Engineers cap badge.
The South Lancashire Regiment cap badge.
The Argyll&Sutherland Highlanders cap badge.
New Zealand 7th Regiment cap badge.
The North Irish Horse cap badge.
The Royal Canadian Regiment cap badge.
Panzer German Army WWII Eagle Army Breast Patch
German Luftwaffe Breast Eagle Patch
Kyffhauserbund Arm Band WWII Veteran Association
RYG French type fuzes
Genuine 2nd Volunteer Bn (Southhampton) The Hampshire Regt
German Cross In Gold. Heer issue Genuine (UK Sale Only)
Deutsche Jagerschaft Sleeve Patch
20mm & 30mm rounds
Desk top UK ammo.
Fireman's helmet from the 1940's?
Genuine 'double marked' - 'Tiptaft' ww1 Australian Commonwealth military forces cap badge
War merit cross 1st class (with swords)
Original WWII German 8cm (80mm) Mortar Pack Frame,

Popular Classifieds

RARE No1 Demolition Squadron (Popski's Private Army)
Victorian Grenadier Guards Valise Badge QVC
Medal Mounting
Genuine Tower Hamlets Rifles Cap Badge
49th (West Riding) Infantry Division Formation Badge
Rare WW2 Royal Ulster Rifles 'AIRBORNE' Officers beret badge
6th Bn Duke of Connaughts Royal Hampshire Regiment
WW2 Royal Scots TOS with Plastic Economy Badge
The Upper Thames Patrol, WW2 Home Guard Cap Badge
WW1 Guards Machine Gun Battalion Cap Badge
royal northumberland fusiliers cap badge
WW1 21st Lancers Cap Badge
Honourable Artillery Company - Infantry Cap Badge
Badge Backings & Special Embelishments of the British Army
Rare 14th/20th king's Hussars
Catterick Garrison Formation Sign
Genuine Grenadier Guards George 6th Sergeants Cap Badge
lancashire fusiliers cap badge
Royal Irish Fusiliers Collar Badges c.1882
23rd Hussars Cap Badge
Victorian Manchester Regiment 'Militia' Glengarry Badge
1st Volunteer Bn Hampshire Regiment Helmet Plate Center
1st Volunteer Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment
ww1  italian sipe grenade
WW1 Royal Naval Division Hawke Battalion
Hampshire Regiment Cap Badge
WW2 German
Royal Munster Fusiliers Cap Badge 'mint'
5th 'Cumberland' Battalion, Border Regiment
army physical training corps - KC chromed
WW2 King's Royal Rifle Corps Plastic Cap Badge
Coldstream Guards OR's Bearskin plume
Karabingranate M 1914 1914 rifle rod grenade
YATAGHAN FRENCH BAYONET 1842 (Imperiale de chatellerault)
Imperial Yeomanry 29th Battalion 'Irish Horse' Cap Badge
Victorian 4th Queen's Own Hussars QVC Cap Badge
Pakistan Army Medical Corp.
Victorian King's Royal Rifle Corps 'Militia' Cap Badge
Middlesex Regiment Silver Officers Collar Badges
SIGNAL ,Hitler's WW2 magazine.1940-41
Pre 1905 King's Royal Rifle Corps 'Militia' Cap Badge
Derbyshire Yeomanry Shoulder Title
Leicestershire Regiment.
WANTED Militia Buttons
Victorian 4th Queen's Own Hussars QVC Cap Badge
Royal Scots Greys.
Army Remount Service Genuine Cap Badge
Pre 1908 1st Volunteer Battalion Cornwall Light Infantry Field Service Cap Badge
7th Territorial Battalion, The Manchester Regiment
WW2 German
DAF Mitgliedsbuch
Merchiston Castle School OTC Cap Badge
General Service Corp.
7th Dragoon Guards.
Leinster Regiment.
100% Genuine Montgomeryshire Imperial Yeomanry
Victorian 2nd Dragoon Guards 'Queen's Bays' QVC Cap Badge
Rare 1st Bn monmouthshire regiment - Gilding Metal cap badge

Random Classifieds

The Bloxham School Officers Training Corp.
Army Service Corp.
Army Service Corp.
The Queens own Yeomanry cap badge.
Genuine Grenadier Guards George 6th Sergeants Cap Badge
Royal Anglian Regiment collar badges.
Essex Regiment.
The Royal Armoured Corp.
Monmouthshire Regiment.
The Royal Artillery Beret cap badge.
8th County of London Battalion.
Merchiston Castle School OTC Cap Badge
5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards.
Intelligence Corp.
Wanted - 1st Volunteer Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry Cap Badge
The Pioneer Corp collar badges.
Middlesex Regiment.
The Rocky Mountain Rangers cap badge.
49th (West Riding) Infantry Division Formation Badge
Royal Armoured Corp.
The Highland Brigade cap badge.
WWII German MG 34/42 Aluminum Ammo box. Dated 1940.
Devonshire Regiment.
The Middlesex Regiment cap badge.
The Welch Fusiliers cap badge.
The Household Cavalry cap badge.
16th County of London .Westminster Rifles.
Army Catering Corp.
St Dunstans College Officers Training Corp.
Genuine 'double marked' - 'Tiptaft' ww1 Australian Commonwealth military forces cap badge
Royal Army Medical Corp.
16th County of London.Westminster Rifles.
Model 1913 Kugel hand grenade
General Service Corp.
German Snap Hooks
The 10th Gurkha Regiment cap badge.
On War Service Badge.
South Lancashire Volunteers cap badge.
Irish Regiment.
14th/20th Hussars.
The Honourable Artillery Company cap badge.
Royal Berkshire Regiment.
The Royal Warwickshire Regiment cap badge.
Ayrshire Yeomanry.
5th 'Cumberland' Battalion, Border Regiment
Argyll&Sutherland Highlanders.
The Green Howards cap badge.
The Gloucestershire&Hampshire Yeomanry cap badge.
28th County of London Battalion.
2nd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment.
Badge Backings & Special Embelishments of the British Army
South Staffordshire Regiment.
Winchester  College Officer Training Corp.
Victorian Manchester Regiment 'Militia' Glengarry Badge
Worcestershire Regiment.
The Essex Regiment Cyclist cap badge.
Middlesex Regiment.
North Stafford Regiment.