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Cloth Insignia including Airborne and Special Forces, Shoulder Titles, Formation Signs, Rank and Qualification Badges

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Everything that does not fit in other categories, from a Tank to an Aircraft Carrier, radio to a tent!

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Head-Dress Badges of the British Army - Kipling and King - Volume 1
DescriptionKipling and King - Vol 1 up to and incl WW1
£ 35 plus P&P at cost.
6th Bn Duke of Connaughts Royal Hampshire Regiment
DescriptionGenuine Maker Marked 6th Royal Hampshire's Cap Badge
£ 40 plus P&P
Scarce Cambridgeshire Regiment, WW1 Economy Issue Cap badge
DescriptionGenuine Cambridgeshire Regiment c.1916 all Gm Cap Badge
£ 75 plus P&P
7th Territorial Battalion, The Manchester Regiment
DescriptionA genuine 1st World War 7th Bn Manchester Regt TF Cap Badge
£ 45 plus P&P
WW1 21st Lancers Cap Badge
DescriptionGenuine WW1 (1901-22) Pattern 21st Lancers Cap Badge
£ 55 plus P&P
Derbyshire Yeomanry Shoulder Title
DescriptionGenuine Derbyshire Yeomanry Shoulder Title
£ 18 plus P&P
Royal Artillery 'Territorial' Pattern cap badge - Lugged
DescriptionGenuine Lugged "RA Territorials" Cap Badge
£ 18 plus P&P
Genuine Grenadier Guards George 6th Sergeants Cap Badge
DescriptionGenuine George 6th Grenadier Guards Sgt's Grenade
£ 50 plus P&P
WW1 Royal Naval Division Hood Battalion Collar Badge
Description100% Genuine "Gaunt London" Marked RND Hood Bn Collar Badge.
£ 75 plus P&P at cost.
Very Scarce Hertfordshire Militia, the 4th Bn Bedfordshire Regiment
DescriptionScarce "Hertfordshire Militia", The Bedfordshire Regt Cap Badge
£ 110 plus P&P
Scarce 25th Dragoons Cap Badge
DescriptionA Scarce and 100% Genuine WW2 25th Dragoons Cap Badge.
£ 50 plus P&P
Royal Artillery QVC Pattern Officers Helmet Plate
DescriptionVictorian Crown Pattern Officer's Helmet Plate to the Royal Artillery
£ 125 plus P&P
100% Genuine Montgomeryshire Imperial Yeomanry
Description100% Genuine Montgomeryshire IY Cap Badge
£ 125 plus P&P
Scarce Welsh Guards 'Staff' Cap Badge ~ Warrant Officers
DescriptionScarce Welsh Guards "Staff" Pattern Cap Badge.
£ 35 plus P&P
Genuine 'Tiptaft' ww1 Australian Commonwealth military forces cap badge
DescriptionGenuine WW1 "Tiptaft" Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Cap Badge
£ 100 plus P&P
WW2 Royal Scots TOS with Plastic Economy Badge
DescriptionGenuine WW2 "Tam O'Shanter" with original Plastic Economy badge fitted.
£ 140 plus P&P
Genuine 2nd Volunteer Bn (Southhampton) The Hampshire Regt
DescriptionGenuine 2VB Hampshire Regt Cap Badge
£ 110 plus P&P at cost.
Welsh Guards KC Pattern Valise Badge
DescriptionWelsh Guards KC Pattern Valise Plate/Badge
£ 28 plus P&P
Genuine 'double marked' - 'Tiptaft' ww1 Australian Commonwealth military forces cap badge
DescriptionGenuine WW1 Double Marked "Tiptaft" Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Cap Badge
£ 120 plus P&P at cost.
Victorian 4th Queen's Own Hussars QVC Cap Badge
DescriptionSuperb Victorian 4th Q.O. Hussars OR's Cap Badge.
£ 150 plus P&P

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