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If you experience issues when trying to create an account or Log In, please contact admin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will create an account for you.


How do I pay for postage or what postage should I charge?

Postage or Shipping is one of the most contentious aspects on Internet Auction Sites. Please try to be fair with what you charge. Click here to view the Royal Mail Home Page, there are price guides and this very handy "Price Finder" which can work out the postage for you! Packing and Handling is up to the seller's discretion, but we ask again that you are reasonable in what you charge.


The Home Page for Canada Post is here.


The Postage Calculator for Australia Post is here.


How do I End or Edit my Advert? 

If your item sells or you no longer wish to continue with the advert, just select "Items for Sale" at the head of the page and go to "User Items", this selects your current adverts and allows either "Edit" or "Delete", be careful because once selected your item will be gone! We advise that you do not delete your advert until the the transaction is completed and perhaps just add to the description that the item is "Sold" or "Reserved". Otherwise if you delete too early and the buyer does not go ahead with the sale, you will have to re-list your advert. You can also change the listing from "For Sale" to "Sold" using the edit drop down menu.


How do I pay or get paid for an item?

Payment is for you to arrange with the Seller/Buyer. We strongly recommend that before making any payment, buyers establish the legitimacy of a seller and be wary of those not wishing to divulge their location. One of the safest and easiest methods is PayPal and although there are fees to receive payment (4%) sending payment is free, quick and simple. PayPal also offers a simple to use invoicing system, making your transaction safer and professional looking. Click here to set up a PayPal account.

We ask that you do not charge buyers or add a fee for those who chose to pay via PayPal, in most cases you have been able to list your item for "Free" so it is only fair and in the Spirit of the site that you shoulder the burden of PayPal charges!


Please do not openly request payment via PayPal Friends and Family as this contravenes their policy.   

Payment should be arranged privately between buyers and sellers once contact has been established.


Why does my location show in the wrong place on the map in my listing?

The map uses the town name you used in the text box marked Location. It is the one just above postcode, put at least the town or city and google maps will find it.


Why does my picture show upside down when I place an advert from my new ipad?

ipads are clever in that they show you the picture the way it see's it, our site uses whatever you upload as it was taken. iPad users need to take their images with the on off button to the right or the bottom.


Can I enlarge pictures shown on an advert?

A seller may list several pictures, please take time to load a few. The quality is only as good as the images loaded, however these can be enlarged by clicking on the image itself, it then opens on to the center of the screen and has a "Next/Previous" function to allow easy viewing.


What is this web site all about

logo125This site comes from a simple idea that the major sites that allow you to sell your items seem to make charges that are simply over the top, on this site there will always be a free listing and you can renew it free as well, that's our policy and we will stick to it. There is a small charge if you want to put your advert on for a longer period, make it bolder or a priority listing, but that's up to you.  The site exists to give sellers a shop window and to link buyers to sellers.

We don't get involved in the sale itself, sellers and buyers can do the deal between themselves.

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