YATAGHAN FRENCH BAYONET 1842 (Imperiale de chatellerault)

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This is the modified version of the M1842 with the internal coiled spring as opposed to the leaf spring used on the M1842.1842 inscribed along the top of blade which is of the curved Yataghan type blade.The crossguard is in steel and the hilt is in brass.Apologies at present as I will upload more pictures when I can of this becoming hard to find bayonet.At present I am taking enquiries on this item as i will negotiate with prospective buyer as to posting etc .I will upload more pictures soon please e-mail me if interested as these are getting rare so please respect my price on this.Thanks for looking.UK only please.100% original.Size of Bayonet 685 Length, Blade 563,Muzzle Ring Diameter 21.3.and the spring still works.Inscribed Mre Impale de Chat 1842.

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