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logo125This site comes from a simple idea that the major sites that allow you to sell your items seem to make charges that are simply over the top, on this site there will always be a free listing and you can renew it free as well, that's our policy and we will stick to it. There is a small charge if you want to put your advert on for a longer period, make it bolder or a priority listing, but that's up to you.  The site exists to give sellers a shop window and to link buyers to sellers.

We don't get involved in the sale itself, sellers and buyers can do the deal between themselves.

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Mr FJ GillanMr FJ Gillan
For Sale£ 35
Field Service Cap Badge - The Rifle Brigade
A Rare Staffordshire Regiment (POW) 5th/6th (Terri ...
A hardback book covering anodised aluminium cap ba ...